Netflix is in the process of developing a TV series adaptation of Jo Nesbø’s novel “The Pentagram,” the fifth installment in the popular Harry Hole detective series. The news comes via The Hollywood Reporter.

The script for the series will be penned by Nesbø himself, while Norwegian filmmaker Eystein Carlsen is set to direct. Carlsen, known for his work on series like “Lilyhammer,” “Exit,” and “Dag,” is currently wrapping up his latest project, “So Long, Marianne,” which draws inspiration from the works of Leonard Cohen.

Set in Oslo, “The Pentagram” follows the investigation of a mysterious killer who leaves behind a small diamond in the shape of a five-pointed star at each crime scene. Assigned to the case are Detective Harry Hole and his long-standing adversary, the corrupt and merciless Tom Waaler. As the city grapples with a string of similar murders, the enigmatic five-pointed star emerges as a crucial clue in unraveling the mystery.

The series will be produced by Working Title Films, the same studio behind the film adaptation of Nesbø’s “The Snowman,” starring Michael Fassbender. Despite its star-studded cast, the 2017 adaptation received mixed reviews from both critics and audiences, garnering a mere 5.2 rating on IMDb.